Live & Session

I am available for gig bookings on a one-off basis or for multiple dates and tours. I have a vast experience of live shows and touring, and my playing covers a wide range of musical styles and genres. My capability allows me to be flexible and learn quickly; this enables me to adapt to most situations for a confident, tasteful performance.

I am comfortable in the recording studio environment and able to adapt effortlessly to the situation in hand. I consider myself versatile enough to both stick to a written arrangement, but can also offer my own composition if required. Tastefulness, dynamics and ‘feel’ are key components to the perfect drum track.

My gear and I are fully mobile, and I have access to a wide range of kits, cymbals and percussion.

Bookings are subject to my current schedule, and my rates vary on the situation. Please do get in contact to discuss your requirements:


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